Early To Rise


I read a great book this weekend called “Early to Rise” by Andy Traub.  I would highly recommend it if you have a desire to make a positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.

If you are like me I get frustrated with not having enough time to read, think, dream, create, and just be still.  I sometimes feel that I have so many ideas that are stuck in my head because of the inability to have the time to flush them out and ship them to the world.  Andy teaches us in this book how sacred the early mornings can be to really allow us the time to expand our minds and our influence on the world!

Andy takes you through a 30 day process to teach you how to rise earlier in the morning and what to do in the morning that can impact your life like you never thought was possible!  The book is available on amazon for your kindle.  Check it out and I am sure you will also feel the excitement and freedom I did when I realized that the time to create, think, dream, and ship ideas to the world has been sitting there right underneath my nose!  It took Andy’s work through this book to “awaken” the gift of early mornings.

Thanks Andy!

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